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A Dinosaur Birthday

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Here's one for the dino-loving kiddo in your life. We've pulled together some ideas to make sure his or her birthday is dino-mite!


Obviously dinosaurs can't live indoors, so setting the environment should be the first step here. If you've already got a solid outdoor space with all of the trees and greens a Dino would need, you're one steps ahead of the game. But if you don't, we'll just need to create one.

Start with a green backdrop - you can either do a plain green screen type of thing, or splurge a bit and get a few of these leafy green backdrops!

Layer on fake ivy, branches (or heck, find some outdoors and save some cash!), green pompoms, green and brown streamers, or even this super cool balloon wall!

And voila, a room fit for Dinos. Add a few dinosaur balloons and you're basically in jurassic park.

Here are a few fun add-on decorations I also found:


Dino races! Grab a few of these "ride on" dinosaurs and have the kiddos do a lap around the house to determine the winner (bonus, it tires them out!). You can do it in twos like a tournament until you get to one winner, or you can get 3+ and do larger races.

Excavation! Let them play paleontologist for a little while and dig out their own mini dinosaur!

Dinosaur petting zoo! Get several different species of dinosaurs (balloons or cutouts, or if you're super ambitions and have extra adults, these big blow up dinosaur costumes would be SO FUN) and set them up in different stations around the house. Have the kids go around to each and learn about each species.


Not every party needs favors, but if you do decide to put together some goodie bags, here are some on-theme ideas:

Hatch your own dinosaur eggs:

Temporary dinosaur tattoos:

Mini dinosaur toys:

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